CNC Router

MakerFX is home to a desktop X-Carve 1000mm CNC Router with a Dewalt DWP611 trim router, a Super-PID speed controller, Planet CNC controller, and a Fein Turbo II dust extractor. The X-Carve uses cutting bits to carve wood, plastics, thin aluminum and more. MakerFX membership provides training and use of the cnc router for prototyping and creative projects. MakerFX provides the V-Carve Pro Makerspace Edition software for member use.

Want to learn more about cnc routers, or get started making your own items ? Visit MakerFX for a Friday OpenMake night (info and RSVP on meetup), or email us for more information.

Cutting wood or non-vinyl plastics? You may also be interested in our Epilog Laser Engraver / Cutter.

Looking for larger CNC routers? Check out these makerspaces that have larger CNC routers –  FamiLAB (4’x4′), Factur (4’x8′), and Tampa Hackerspace (4’x8′)