Intro to Arduino

Learn the basics of Arduino and electronics with our instructor. DuinoKits were designed by a teacher as a system to make learning electronics fun and easily accessible. You will use our DuinoKit Jr. learning kits. Bring your own laptop or use one of our computers to program the Arduino.


After learning and understanding the basics, you will be able to build, hack and program many other projects and invent your new idea. This is also a great time to discuss your project with others that are interested in Arduino.

Learning is enhanced during the class by the use of an small overhead camera from IPEVO that will display the instructors DuinoKit board and connections on a monitor that all students can view.  This allows students to follow along with the instructor and learning the basics of the Arduino and micro-controllers in general.


After learning the basics of the DuinoKit, you can return to MakerFX and continue your learning at your own pace.  The kit includes 20 pre-designed missions that you can complete.

#1 – Blinking LED #11 – Color Changing LEAD
#2 – Scrolling LEDs #12 – Lie Detector
#3 – Displaying Text on an LCD #13 – Morse Code Device
#4 – Going Portable #14 – Rotary Encoder
#5 – Light Dimmer #15 – Guess a Number
#6 – Distance & Sound #16 – Light Change Alarm
#7 – Weather Station #17 – Infrared Code Detector
#8 – Real Time Clock #18 – Infrared Light Control
#9 – Understanding Data #19 – Fortune Teller
#10 – Memory Game #20 – Reaction Timer

Please visit our calendar or our meetup group to see the workshop schedule, and to RSVP for a workshop. If you would like to request a specific workshop, or have specific questions, email us at

If you are interested in learning more, you don’t have to wait for a class. Stop by on a Friday night for Open Make, and see the laser, 3D printers, Duinokit, X-Carve, etc.