Lets Talk PowerWheels Racing

Ever want to live out your inner fantasy to race wheel to wheel with other people?  How about in a car covered in blue fur?  Okay so the first part probably, second part probably not.  Lets talk about PowerWheels Racing or PPPRS!  Join in with the creator of the 2016 Orlando Maker Faire PowerWheels Race, Andrew Rudolph to learn the basics of what it takes to make one of these fun and fast machines!  We will take a look at the inner workings of his creation, Driftie Monster, and the simple build path he took to success, and how you too can do the same.


Andrew driving Driftie Monster (and a Driftie Wagon with his wife) into his Wedding!

Andrew’s unique and successful build involved taking a used eBay scooter, and gutting it into his winning creation in just a matter of weeks!


Download the PDF of the presentation here: 

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